Frank Waldo made up lies and stories about Storm Bradford and his firm Mortgage Fraud Examiners, on his website Fraud Stoppers, in retaliation against true statements we made proving Fraud Stoppers is a scam . Because I threatened to sue him; have in our possession a copy of a confidential settlement agreement he wrongfully posted on his website, which he subsequently took down knowing if I gave to the person he outed, they would obviously sue him; and after receiving complaints from others we warned that he was posting their personal information as well; it appears his thinking is by posting an insincere retraction on his website that would save his hide.

Several people who read the retraction said it was clearly disingenuous and I should sue him anyway for trying to defame me and destroy my company. It turns out they’re right. He has now taken down the retraction because other scammers he associates himself with started to complain it was making them look bad as well. See retraction:


This is a Formal Public Apology and Retraction Regarding Negative Posts & Comments FRAUD STOPPERS Made About Storm Bradford owner of the Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

I, Frank Jason Waldo, posted harmful statements against Storm Bradford and Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

I regret my actions and formally apologize to Mr. Bradford, Mr. Hurt, and anyone else who have been negative effected by my actions.

I posted false statements about Storm Bradford in response to a webpage on his website stating that FRAUD STOPPERS was conning homeowners with dangerous lies & misinformation, relating to a misleading video about the Daley case that we reposted, a made up case quote that promoted a false narrative, and the promoting and selling securitization audits.

The internet is littered with crooks and conmen harming homeowners and Storm Bradford prides himself on exposing them…Storm Bradford even runs a national radio show called Fraudsters Radio to expose frauds and has reported on cases where judges have said that securitization audits are scams and the auditors are charlatans.

My motives in posting negative statements about Mr. Bradford and emailing over 1300 people on our contact list, was done in part to try defame Mr. Bradford and in part to defend our name.

In hind sight no action should have been taken on our part. It was wrong for me to respond to Mr. Bradford’s post in such a meanspirited way. Especially since Storm was trying to help educated people so they can avoid pitfalls and misinformation in this industry.

Mr. Bradford has exposed many scammers, so, anything you might read about him, that is not complimentary is most likely a lie or made up story.

FRAUD STOPPERS PMA routinely publishes information about mortgage fraud cases and related topics to attract readers and members in order to try and help homeowners facing foreclosure and mortgage fraud issues. We do not intentionally or with malicious or deceitful motives publish misinformation in an attempt to deceive or con homeowners.

After seeing Mr. Bradford’s post about the content in question, it was removed from our website and YouTube channel.

The Bible teaches us to forgive our enemies and to repay no man evil for evil, but instead to pray for them who harm you.

I honestly thought that Mr. Bradford was posting about FRAUD STOPPERS out of malice. However even if that was true, which I know do not believe is the case, I was wrong in how I responded and what I posted on our website about Storm and Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

For this I formally and public apologize to Mr. Bradford, Mr. Hurt, and any readers who have been negatively effected by my actions.

After speaking with Mr. Bradford for several hours I now think that he did not post any comments about FRAUD STOPPERS to try and defame or slander us, rather he genuinely feels a moral obligation and civic duty to warn homeowners of what he considers to be misinformation on the internet that can result in them wasting time and money in efforts that may harm them.

I, Frank Waldo, and FRAUD STOPPERS PMA can appreciate and support that cause.

After posting about Storm Bradford FRAUD STOPPERS has received calls from happy customers of Storm Bradford’s company Mortgage Fraud Examiners stating that they and their attorneys loved his work product and his genuine concern for them and the successful outcome of their cases.

Furthermore, FRAUD STOPPERS has asked one of our trusted associates who we feel has great insight to what works in court to win against the banks, and that person has given Mortgage Fraud Examiners mortgage transaction analysis a thumbs up!

FRAUD STOPPERS is happy to promote the mortgage transaction analysis that Mortgage Fraud Examiners offers. We do a 180 on our initial (incorrect) stance regarding Mr. Bradford and his company.

I humble request that he forgive me, so together, we can help homeowners fight mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud, while avoiding common traps, pitfalls, and swindles associated with the foreclosure defense industry.

You can learn more about Storm Bradford’s services at

Sincerely & Respectfully,
Frank J Waldo
Phone: 800-459-1215
Fax: 844-318-3941

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