Randy Kelton a known scammer and legal illiterate of Rule of Law Radio infamy, who rips off homeowners by teaching them how to lose their homes, got spanked by the court for using his foolish arguments:  Kelton v. DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, Dist. Court, ND Texas 2014 Kelton v. WELLS FARGO BANK, NA, Dist. Court, ND Texas 2016


  1. Amazing how easy it is to jump on a band wagon. This nothing more than a hit piece by yellow journalism. Grow up.


  2. I shouldn’t dignify the above comments by Will C. with any answer at all. Just reading it shows that Will C. has difficulty formulating a cogent argument OR a cogent thought. He just lashes out because I pilloried the scammer and litigation dufus Randy Kelton by showing how at least one judge holds him in profound disdain. How does my drawing public attention to that fact make ME a scammer? It doesn’t, of course.

    Will C. seems to resent the fact that I created and promote the Mortgage Attack web site http://MortgageAttack.com that sells NOTHING and shows mortgage victims what works and what does not work, and that exposes foreclosure defense industry charlatans like Neil Garfield. EVERYONE with a mortgage should spend hours at http://mortgageattack.com in order to discover the myriad ways people involved in the loan transaction cheat and abuse borrowers. Those who do study the materials at that web site have a much better chance of prevailing in a negotiated settlement with the injurious parties than they have in a foreclosure defense effort.

    A little internet searching will show Randy Kelton as a man troubled by county and state authorities, not because of the good Randy does, but because of his arrogant incompetence. I end my comments with the following example of a complaint by one disgruntled customer of Randy Kelton’s.

    ——————— complaint against Randy Kelton by customer —–

    I was facing foreclosure and looking for help when I came across Mr. Kelton’s website at [omitted by editor] I contacted him and told him my situation, he said he already helped hundreds of people just like me so he could help me no problem, he said for $4000 paid up front he could help me file a law suit that would send the bank running for the hills and we could end up with the house or at least keep me and my family in our house mortgage free for another 1-2 years. My family and I were really hurting for money at the time because I was laid off and my wife is disabled and can’t work so I asked him to work out some kind of payment plan.

    He said no way, it has to be $4000 cash up front because he has to do all this work and it costs him a lot of money. He talked like what he could do for us was a sure fire thing. He bragged about how well known he is and how judges and attorneys are scared of him. He told me about how he was about to get a federal judge named McBryde and several JP judges prosecuted because he busted them being corrupt. I was desperate so I sold all of my tools and some of our furniture to raise the $4000. Mr. Kelton wrote a law suit for me and told me how to go file it in court so I went to file it but the court wouldn’t take it at first because they said I didn’t properly serve the other side.

    Mr. Kelton apologized that he forgot to explain to me how to serve the bank so after he explained it I served the bank which cost me extra money and I went back to the court to file the law suit. 2 weeks later the judge dismissed the law suit and said I can never file it again because it was “completely frivolous, lacking any semblance of merit, and having no arguable basis in fact or law.” Mr. Kelton said don’t worry about it, the judge is just being corrupt and we’ll beat them in the eviction hearing. The next week our house was sold at public auction and I got sued by the bank in a eviction suit. Mr. Kelton wrote something called a challenge to subject matter jurisdiction and told me how to file it in the eviction court so I went and filed it. He said he would be there to help me in the eviction hearing but he was a no show.

    In the eviction hearing the judge said the challenge to subject matter jurisdiction did not matter there because it was all based on title issues and this was an eviction hearing and the court can’t hear hear title issues. The court ruled against me and said I had 5 days to appeal. After the hearing I kept calling and emailing Mr. Kelton to find out why he was a no show and how to do the appeal and I did not hear back from him for over a week. He told me don’t worry about it, the judge was just being corrupt. He gave me some criminal complaints against the judge and told me to mail them to the grand jury so I did, he said this would stop everything but nothing ever happened.

    Mr. Kelton said he was working on another law suit for me, but then he disappeared on me for over a month, he would not call or email me back and we were forced out of our house by the cops who came and put all of our property out in the street. Because it was a struggle to scrounge up the $4000 me and my family were royally screwed, we had to beg someone to help us move all our stuff off of the street and we had to go stay in a shelter for a few weeks because didn’t have money to move anywhere else for a while. To this day Mr. Kelton refuses to take my calls or call me back or email me.

    After we got back on our feet I did some research on Mr. Kelton and found out that he has done this to hundreds of people. He takes their money and people still get kicked out of their houses and he has never won a case for anyone. He does a radio show called rule of law radio and talks about how to beat the banks and stall out foreclosures but he never wins any cases for anyone, all he does is take $4000 from people to keep them in their house a few extra months and then people are way worse off, don’t do it! If you have $4000 don’t give it to Mr. Kelton, just hang onto it so you will have it for moving expenses and deposit on a rent house and get your utilities switched over, you will be much better off!!!


    1. You are a lying bitch and this website is nothing but a lying bitch’s tantrum. (Kind of like Nancy Pelosi, another lying bitch.)


  3. Kelton is in bed with Fraudstoppers, which recommend each other. Listening to either one will just get the homeowner booted out of their home quicker


    1. LISTENING to Randy Kelton or Fraudstoppers will ONLY get you booted, out of your home, IF you’re as stupid, as the one who said that. They have helped many people. Just because some like YOU, makes stupid uninformed allegations, doesn’t make it so. Keep your stupid mouth shut, especially because you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. STUPID.


      1. Actually John Smith if that’s your real name you claim Fraudstoppers has “helped many people.” Prove it! Oh, sorry, don’t waste your time there aren’t any. Its pretty clear they’re a scam, because a court found their information was utter nonsense.


      2. I would like to know WHO Randy Kelton has helped, and HOW he did it. He admitted INTENTIONALLY LOSING a lawsuit for someone who depended on him to win. That is pretty close to IDIOTIC TREASON in my book.


  4. Randy Kelton wrote to tell me that he intentionally loses court cases. He suggested that I look at the documents he filed in the cases cited below because I might find them interesting.

    Well, yeah, the stuff at the bottom of that hole in the outhouse seat looks interesting too. But judges don’t buy patriot mythology and frivolous legal theories. How shall we know what constitutes frivolity and myth? I guess we could start by looking at the below-cited court opinions that thoroughly spanked Randy Kelton for propounding bogus legal theories.

    I see no point in intentionally losing a foreclosure-related case that costs a lot of money to litigate and results in loss of the real estate. And I see no point in propounding the same frivolous or losing arguments that others have used to lose similar cases from one end to the other of the United States of America.

    That is not a badge of honor. It is a badge of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, crookedness, and dishonor, for two reasons:

    1. The outcome hurt (or at least did not help) the person with real estate at risk, and
    2. Any sensible person could have predicted the outcome.

    In the end, Randy Kelton’s antics might seem interesting to people hooked on his radio show for its entertainment value.

    But they only teach others to keep Randy Kelton’s hands out of their case because he will make them look like damned fools in court.


      1. The truth can withstand honest investigation. Let’s see the results of YOUR investigation. I have shown mine. Where and in what way have I scammed anybody. Kelton ADMITTED he scammed his client by INTENTIONALLY losing his case. So KELTON (and by extension, YOU) SCAMS people.


      2. absolutely a scammer. Bob Hurt is literally trying to use his own “blog” in which is write on quite the broad choice of subjects, but oddly enough, they All seem to end in the exact same conclusion. That being that whomever was involved as the person trying to win their case, that they ultimately ended up failing due to something the failed to do, or just because “the law is just.” Oh and don’t forget the baiting to go to his Mortgageattack.com site, you know because Bob Hurt isn’t a lawyer or going to give you legal advice, he is just going to pound as loud as he can on how you should go to his website where he will give you, yup you guessed it, LEGAL ADVICE and try to ACT AS A LAWYER. What a pathetic piece of shit.


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