“Mortgage Fraud Examiners doesn’t save homes, the evidence in their mortgage transaction does” says Storm Bradford

Storm Bradford founded a litigation support company decades ago (see http://LawPartnerOnCall.com) to help attorneys win cases.  As an adjunct to that activity, he founded Mortgage Fraud Examiners to aid attorneys for borrowers with mortgage problems. Bradford’s team examines every aspect of a loan transaction from inception to present time in order to discover who injured the borrower and how. THIS, according to Storm Bradford, is the ONLY way to end foreclosure because it enables the borrower to attack the injurious parties in court and win legal fees plus compensatory and punitive damages.

Around the same time, attorney Neil Garfield came out of retirement with a new and different business plan.  He started delivering seminars across the land encouraging attorneys to take on broke mortgage foreclosure victims as clients, and charge them $500 to $1500 per month to drag out the foreclosure proceedings as long as possible, sometimes as much as 5 or 6 years.  In that way, the attorneys could earn $20,000 to $50,000 per client and use only cookie-cutter / copy-machine pleadings without doing any real work other than leading the client by the hand into the inexorable jaws of foreclosure.

Those who learned first hand the value of MFE’s comprehensive mortgage examination discovered that they could negotiate settlements with the injurious parties and never have to go through foreclosure.  They look at MFE as their “SAVIOR” because the examination report provides information that enables them to end the foreclosure and settle with the creditor.

MFE is NOT a home savior,” declared Bradford in an interview. “We just give the loan transaction the equivalent of an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging, Ed.], showing evidence of the injuries to the borrower, just as an MRI shows evidence of a medical problem. A patient may need a competent surgeon to remove a brain tumor. A borrower might need a competent attorney to sue the servicer, creditor, lender, appraiser, mortgage broker, title company, or other party.  But usually the borrower can negotiate a settlement because the injurious party wants to avoid the expense of losing in court.

“So, while borrowers might see MFE as a savior, actually, we just show them how they got injured in the loan transaction,” Bradford said,  “and if presented in court, that evidence is worth its weight in GOLD because it can win a judgment in favor of the borrower!”

These days, Neil Garfield still schemes to get clients for mortgage-related services that some consider worthless.

Meanwhile, Storm Bradford’s MFE still performs comprehensive mortgage examinations that give borrowers evidence of injuries, and their only possibility of prevailing in a dispute involving the foreclosure and related counter claims and cross claims.

To many, Storm Bradford and MFE are both Heros and SAVIORS!

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Bob Hurt

See http://bobhurt.com Consumer advocate helping borrowers in foreclosure save their homes and obtain compensation for their injuries.

One thought on ““Mortgage Fraud Examiners doesn’t save homes, the evidence in their mortgage transaction does” says Storm Bradford”

  1. Storm Bradford and the staff of expert underwriters, attorneys, appraisers, title people, etc., provide the knowledge and expertise for the comprehensive transaction analysis used by homeowners and their lawyers that saves their homes.


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