Tough questions about the terrible diseases of greed and stupidity

On the Living Lies blog…

Michael Keane writes:

In this day and age, if a comparison were to be made, say, to a disease afflicting the human race, I would suggest it is presently, best defined as Greed.

For example, if law enforcement and the judiciary and the lawyers in our current, life threatening dilemma could be compared to a Jonas Salk, our families and children would be crippled, awaiting the day their final breath is forced from their bodies.

These are the types of people that think to themselves, while watching our country, and the middle class throughout the world degrade daily, “Hey look at that suffering family, before I go to try and help them, I wonder what type of extortion I can employ first… ? After all, what’s in it for me?”.

I look forward to the day We The People round them up and give them a good, old-fashioned @ss kicking.

Bob Hurt responds:

I consider stupidity an even worse, more epidemic and destructive disease, than greed.  A smart, greedy person will nearly always take unfair advantage of stupid people.  Smart people, however don’t make such easy targets for the greedy.

We have a problem with stupidity and with irresponsibility in the USA.  Most of the stupid are born stupid because they have stupid parents.  Thus stupidity is a genetic defect.  And by definition, stupid people do stupid things.  They don’t reason well, they cannot evaluate relative importances well, and they cannot solve problems well.  So, they gravitate to crime and welfare abuse to get by.  Stupid people are reliably irresponsible.

Other irresponsibles, aside from the stupid, include the lazy, those with bad rearing, those with deficient education and experience, the insane, the criminal, and people of poor judgment like those under 25 years of age whose brains have not fully developed.

25% of the US population falls in the category of stupid – that many people lack the cognitive ability (IQ of 85 or better) to graduate from a normal (non-dumbed-down) high school.  At least another 25% fall into the “irresponsible” category.  Got help us, many if not most have voting rights.  That at least partly explains irresponsibility in government.  And it suggests two controversial means of improving government:

  1.   Prevent irresponsibiles from procreating and rearing more of their kind; and
  2.   Prevent irresponsibles from voting.

Like I said:  controversial.  But nevertheless, logical.

I’d like to know answers to these questions:

  • How many irresponsibles have requested and received home loans they cannot or will not repay?
  • How many of irresponsibles have stumbled upon this Living Lies blog, and written comments to it?
  • How many irresponsibles have faced or presently face foreclosure because of breaching notes they never should have signed?
  • How many irresponsibles in a mortgage foreclosure fight have any chance of winning?
  • Who become the bigger crooks –
  1. the greedy irresponsibles who borrow money they cannot or will not repay, or
  2. the greedy appraiser who lies about the value of the property, or
  3. the greedy loan broker who lies on the loan application, or
  4. the greedy realtor who lists or sells a house for far more than its actual value, or
  5. the greedy title company who breaches regulations and shoves the borrower through the signing process too fast, or
  6. the greedy lawyer who drags out the inevitable foreclosure so as to bilk the irresponsible client out of thousands of dollars the client should pay the creditor, or
  7. the greedy (selfish) parents who procreated stupid children and reared them to behave irresponsibly so that greed would drive their behavior and they would buy a house on credit they don’t deserve?

Tough questions about the terrible diseases of greed and stupidity.

Lie travels Mark Twain

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Bob Hurt

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