Court Opinions Destroy Neil Garfield Bogus Legal Theories

Courts Destroy Garfield’s Bozo Theories

For nearly a year and a half, Neil Garfield has expounded on the meaning of the US Supreme Court’s January 2015 Jesinoski opinion regarding TILA rescission.  By and large, he is dead wrong.  He has encouraged readers of his LivingLies blog to buy his apparently worthless TILA Rescission Package.  He has told readers to submit TILA rescission letters regarding purchase money loans (not qualified for TILA rescission),  He has told them to submit letters years after the expiration of the TILA statute of repose.  And his minions on his blog spread his nonsensical opinions in their comments.  And worst of all, he deletes dissenter postings from his blog and terminates their posting privilege because they post case law showing what an idiot or charlatan Garfield is.

Readers can now read court opinions, collected in one place, that utterly destroy Garfield’s ridiculous and nonsensical TILA rescission theories.

Take some of your valuable time and review the opinions so you will know first hand that Garfield is full of beans, and you won’t fall prey to his bogus legal theories.

Sick and tired of your nonsense, Garfield,

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3 thoughts on “Court Opinions Destroy Neil Garfield Bogus Legal Theories”

  1. And isn’t that amazing how Garfield has always comes up with anecdotal stories of his interaction with the courts for 8 or 9 years but… NEVER with the actual court cases?

    “Today a Federal Judge in South Florida granted motions to dismiss (with prejudice) filed by parties against whom a homeowner had filed suit claiming that those parties should be enjoined from using the notes and mortgages in his case. The claim was based upon allegations of a recent TILA rescission and that consummation of the loan contract was a question of fact. I am the attorney of record. No decisions have been made by the client as to the next steps of Rehearing and/or Appeal.”

    Dismissal with prejudice? Attorney of record? It’s a federal judgment, hence it’s public record. It should be all over the internet like mine was. At the very least… it should be accessible. On the internet. Can’t find the damn thing for want of a docket number but… cult followers will cheer him up and flock to him in greater numbers. Newbies, that is. Those already burnt or cautious enough not to be won’t touch it.

    Can you say “Con man”?


  2. When banks fall, crooks who misled homeowners will fall along. What Garfield doesn’t realize is that he qualifies as a low-hanging fruit.

    He’ll get the ax before one banker does. And none of his cult followers will ever be vindicated. What a strange world we live in…


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