Mortgage Fraud Examiners Tried To Warn Homeowners Of Stall Hacks Like Mark Stopa But Met With Resistance From Scammers & Their Useful Idiots

          This clown Mark Stopa is a criminal, the typical “stall” attorney, who made five million ripping off homeowners with useless arguments; the outcome for his clients–foreclosure. Now after getting disbarred, he wants to blame the courts for his incompetence and illegal activities.
          He claims he tried over 7000 cases over a 7-year period, which is impossible. According to him, he won 2000, which is a lie and is easily provable. And what about the 5000 homeowners who lost their homes. If he was such an expert why did he lose so many. Oh, that’s right the courts are corrupt.
          Expert attorneys win 90% plus of their cases not 20%. The truth be known those so-called wins were dismissals, where the banks came back and re-foreclosed. Guaranteed, almost every homeowner that hired him eventually lost their home!
          Moreover, he was ripping off homeowners another way by talking clients into giving their property to him for a couple of thousand, and then renting out those properties for tens of thousands.
          We have more evidence, not in the Tampa Bay Times article, of other fraudulent and unethical activity by Stopa and other “stall” attys in Florida basically doing the same things Stopa was accused of doing equity skimming, which is a crime.
          What is truly sad is that gullible people believe the lies of these frauds and perpetuate the lies by taking up for such scammers without knowing the truth.


6 thoughts on “Mortgage Fraud Examiners Tried To Warn Homeowners Of Stall Hacks Like Mark Stopa But Met With Resistance From Scammers & Their Useful Idiots”

  1. This is what other Florida attorneys think of scammer Stopa:

    Mike Wasylik said in 2014:
    “Mark Stopa is a hack. He recently threw his files all over a parking lot and blamed an opposing council and called Police. After all witnesses were questioned, the Police determined that Stopa as usual was full of it. Run from this hack. Run fast and run far before he screws you and your case up because he has a temper and is just white trash.”


  2. Hi,
    The problem is that even though the homeowners may owe a valid debt. Many, Many times the party coming to collect, is not the legal owners of the debt.
    The courts are —super biased— against the homeowner,
    and basically do not want to hear about any possible frauds.

    So, the only thing a person can do is STALL and STALL for as long as possible,
    using any legal means!!!
    I know people who have stayed in their homes for 10+ years by stalling.
    Very,,Very hard to win a foreclosure case outright!


      1. Hi Bob,
        Thank you!

        I agree with your advice!
        and want to learn more.
        I just have some great stalling stories to share with you,
        when I give you a call.

        Have a great day!!!


      2. how do fight the contract. feel free to email me I would realy like to know. I am one of those that lost my home. I have a lawyer willing to take a look at both foreclosure dockets ( yes 2) for the rest of my time on this earth I will fight to regain my wealth I lost. I will never see that wealth again. Many of our younger florida legislator were not in highschool in the 1980s. we were advised by our economics teacher to buy a “starter” home and grow our wealth. so it was their schools that advised us to do that verses buying a larger home and stay PUT as our grand parents did. this entire funked up court documents that lawyers and judges ignored is quite fustrating and taking homes from hard working americans is so unamerican as you can get.


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