2 thoughts on “MORE PROOF CFLA IS A SCAM”

  1. If you want to know who owns your loan, just ask your Servicer, they have to tell you pursuant to federal law. Moreover, the GSE’s own 98% of all non-jumbo loans in the US, if you go to their websites and put in your address, you can see which one has it.

    BTW, knowing who owns your note is of no use anyway, because the PETE (person entitled to enforce) is the one who can foreclose, and the PETE doesn’t have to be the owner.

    Also, NOBODY has ever won a case arguing securitization, it’s a worthless argument; only those that attack the contract win: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/homeowners-receiving-multimillion-dollar-awards-attacking-banks-using-the-loan-contract-678710.htm



    I sued CFLA in LA superior court..  dismissed them because Lehman moved around no one could find him.  There was no valid address on file for cfla with TX SOS.  But the real person of interest was someone who I thought was working with cfla and took a great deal of money from me.  over 20K… he was supposed to act as the  neutral escrow agent until some other service was performed.  it didn't turn out that way.


    also carrigans audit didn't find my loan, but made it appear that he had with screen shots, etc.  I asked for at least partial refund for the audit because with no trust found, it was useless for securitation issues.  so he sent an amended version stating at end of it, that "although" the trust could not be found…. something… something….


    the problem with this was I had already sent discovery, recission, etc. to that trust that carrigan i thought had identifed.  It also tricked kim (with freshmans office) into thinking a trust was claiming the account.)

    I am planning to file a BBB complaint about the audit, but havent gotten around to it.



    Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 11:04 AM


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