It has been my personal experience and the experience of many that have gone to these groups, that they are nothing but cesspools of “securitization/chain of title audit scammers, stall attorneys and their “useful idiots,” that parrot and promote discredited legal theories and stall arguments like “produce the note,” “split the note,” “MERS,” “assignment,” “only the owner can foreclose,” “standing,” and nonsense arguments from known scammers like Neil Garfield, other legal incompetents.

As one consumer advocate so fed up with the lies and other misinformation she read proclaimed: “they’re nothing but a bunch of losers committing mass suicide.”

Moreover, these homeowners, who have become the “useful idiots” of these scammers, instead of thanking those of us for exposing these charlatans, chastise us for calling them what they are. This type of leftist political correctness makes these feckless homeowners part of the problem, not part of the solution.

For those that want to learn what really works, and what doesn’t, the only foreclosure help group that actually has helpful information is “Stop Foreclosure With Strategies That Actually Work.”

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