Chain Of Title Audit Scammer Paris Faye, aka Paris Dube, aka Paris Penzin Is Also A Criminal

Paris Faye, aka Paris Dube, aka Paris Penzin became unstable, when asked the following: “You claim to have been a paralegal for umpteen years, but have no money. Didn’t you get kicked out of your rental for not paying your rent? Didn’t you lose your home to foreclosure? Didn’t you go to jail for being a thief? You committed said crime, but blame it on the fact you had no money. Didn’t you also plead you were indigent in your court cases. Common sense dictates that successful people have money; they’re not indigent.”

This fraudster scams homeowners with chain of title audits, and readily admits no one has ever won their case using one, which will never happen, even the courts have proclaimed these auditors are “charlatans” and their “paperwork empty gimmickry,”…/Paris-Faye-Dube.92774862.html

15 thoughts on “Chain Of Title Audit Scammer Paris Faye, aka Paris Dube, aka Paris Penzin Is Also A Criminal”

  1. Again, Paris Dube, Paris Faye, Paris Penzin, or whatever alias you use, I’ll address your absurd and incompetent post, to include your ridiculous threat:

    As usual, you show how ignorant you are. By providing cases that contradict the lies and misinformation you disseminate to uninformed homeowners is not giving legal analysis.

    The cases I posted disprove the false legal advice you dispense to the public: “An alleged creditor has to prove in court a valid CHAIN OF OWNERSHIP OF THE ENCUMBRANCE or lien. The issue at hand isn’t who owns the house – you do. The title is in your name. The issue at hand is does the alleged creditor have valid proof they own the “defaulted” lien and have the right to take the property that secured that lien at the closing of the loan.”

    “To prove they have a valid lien, they must use the recorded documents and the corresponding note’s endorsements to illustrate how the lien was legally transferred from one owner to the next.”

    No one needs a lawyer to interpret the cases proving your patently false legal advice is utter nonsense. It is you committing a crime!

    It is you who is the “armchair legal professional wanna be.” Every time you open your mouth you prove how literally incompetent you are.

    You claim you practice “under the supervision of a licensed attorney.” Please provide the name of this alleged attorney, he’s got to be as big a clown as you are, if he even exists.

    You now claim you’ve changed the name of your scam chain of title audit, because its “called growth and learning in my field.” You should already know what you’re talking about before you scam homeowners!

    You claim: “Attorneys hire me, homeowners hire me, other experts in the field refer to me.” Please provide all of these alleged attorneys and experts that hire you, you keep making these statements, but have yet provided any names. Why? Because they don’t exist. This is nothing more than another of your wild claims you can’t back up!

    Your statement: “I suspect Alicia’s case is pissing off the banks and others and you have been sent out to try and shut me down. Boy, are you going to be in for a REALLY big surprise come August 5th…” No, it will be poor Ms. Kesler in for the “big surprise” when the bank awards her property to the bank. And your paranoia that I’ve “been sent out to try and shut me (you) down” is a disturbing reminder your not mentally stable.

    As to my legal qualifications, you might want to check out my litigation support company, Legal Solutions,LLC. I’ve been spearheading for the last forty years, and read the testimonials by some of the myriad of attorneys that use our services. As many of those attorneys will tell you, I’ve forgot more law than most attorneys ever learn.

    Lastly, no one has attacked you, just exposed you for the fraud you are. Taking feckless homeowners money and selling them nonsense, everyone literate in the law knows is worthless is what’s criminal.


    1. Update. Alicia Kesler lost her home to foreclosure following the nonsense scammer Paris Dube, Paris Faye, Paris Penzin, or whatever alias she’s using these days. This scammer was quoted saying: “I suspect Alicia’s case is pissing off the banks and others and you have been sent out to try and shut me down. Boy, are you going to be in for a REALLY big surprise come August 5th…” Actually, no surprise she lost her home.


      1. If you are going to attempt to attack me or my work, you might want to get the facts straight. Alicia was already out of her home when she ask me for help. For the record, she was not charged for that work.

        As a legal professional, I also NEVER guarantee any outcome – good or bad.

        Why don’t you go watch The Con at and learn the truth. I am in the film. They are aware of my arrest and the charges being dropped since I paid what I owed. How about you tell all your readers the Truth. You are a bank mole who likes deterring them from the TRUTH and real help. I have clients and attorneys that use my work and are successful in their specific goals.

        You are negative energy trying to damage the homeowners more with false accusations.

        To all those that are reading this – go watch and watch the truth. These guys are trying to keep you confused and damaged.

        Oh and stop with the all the alias talk about my name idiot! They are my legal names. Is yours?

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      2. Whatever happened to the “REALLY big surprise come August 5th…” for Alicia Kesler? BTW, we’ve had several people contact us, who bought your trash that have been foreclosed. Also, if you go to, you’ll see several attys. and homeowners that have used our services and all have had success defeating the banks. You in comparison, keep claiming all of these attys and homeowners use you, but every time you’re asked for names, you wet the bed. Prove up or shut up with your lies.

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      3. The April 5th was her deal.

        Please by all means name the clients who have contacted you and said my FACT report is trash. No time for being vague. That manipulation game is played out. Whoever is paying you to come after me, tell them it won’t work. My work stands strong and so do I.

        Again, please watch The Con.

        Try focusing on the positive work that we are doing. You are a two-bit keyboard bully. Do something positive in your work for others.


      4. You’re such a fraud. Once again you were asked for the names of all of the homeowners and attys that have been successful using the trash you sell. You know they don’t exist, and we know they don’t exist, that’s why you wet the bed every time you’re asked.

        Also, you ask a moronic question of us to remember the names of people that called us over the years that you ripped off. We did one better we posted one of your scam audits on the Facebook page “Stop Foreclosure With Strategies That Actually Work” of a homeowner you scammed, that lost their home. You also boasted about the “big surprise” happening “Aug 5” for Ms. Kesler, there was no surprise she was thrown out of her home, how much did you rip her off for?

        You’re paranoid like most frauds of being outed, you’ve repeatedly claimed entities/people are “paying” us “to come after” you,. Facts are, we’re just doing our civic duty warning the public to be aware about fraudsters like you, who obviously can’t stop eating, or lying. You need to take a good long look in the mirror, maybe then you’ll figure out people are on to your abhorrent behavior.

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      5. Alicia was already out of her house long before she found me. She was attempting to sue for wrongful foreclosure. All I provide is factual evidence for her and/or her legal team to litigate.

        We have a corrupt legal system – AGIAN watch The Con at

        I am not the direct cause of her loss. If you are going to do your “civil duty” by reporting fraud or corruption, try aiming it at the right people or organizations. But again, the TRUTH about your attacks is that you are working for the banks, alleged servicers or government – the REAL corruption! You are trying to steer homeowners away from those of us who do honest work and are trying to expose the real truth.

        WATCH THE CON – btw, I am in episode 2. I am thinking unless you want to take all those who are involved with the film, you are running out of ways to discredit me and my work. Me and my work were vetted before I was included.

        Educate yourself or let your employers know we are not stopping. We are going to continue telling the truth about the real corruption.

        Have a great day!


      6. All of the scammers who constantly lose make the same argument: “the corrupt legal system.” Again, you change the subject again, where are all of these attys. and homeowners who are/were successful applying the garbage you sell.? You don’t think you’re really fooling anyone do you?

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  2. Aww you DO love me!!! Let’s see.

    One, the indigent filing was in 2011 when I was divorcing my abusive husband. I was a full-time student and a single mother. Oh, I was earning my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice/Criminology degree. That would be coupled with my Paralegal Studies degree. Let’s not forget my 20+ paralegal work. I have the credentials for what I do. So much so that my report has been questioned in court and allowed to stand every time. Why? Because I have the practical experience and formal education to write the report as I do.

    I also don’t write or sell a chain of title audits. My report ist titled a FACT report (aka paralegal litigation report). There is a huge difference. For your information, it isn’t the chain of title that is being argued in court it is a chain of ownership of liens/encumbrances. I also NEVER said no one has never “won” their case. I SAID that all of my clients are still fighting and gaining ground using my work as a platform for other experts to build on. Many have won in certain stages (i.e. discharge in bk, dismissed foreclosure case, UD court win, etc). allowing them to move forward and switch to the offense (i.e. illegal foreclosure, wire fraud, identity theft, RICO).

    If you had any real concept of how the legal system works on a good day that NO ONE can guarantee the outcome of any case. You would also know the judicial system is compromised with corrupt judges and attorneys. Your ignorance of the legal system and corruption is crystal clear to those of us who work in it.

    As far as Neil Garfield and I severing our business relationship is between two business owners.

    You do not know me personally. You obviously do not know my work. Low life? Call me what you will because I have asked you and many others to please come to the table with your work and education. I do not hide behind fake names or websites. I am real and I am human. I know when I lay my head down at night I did all I could to help the cause to the best of my ability. Can you? Or do you just sit behind a keyboard trying to bully those who are doing good work?

    Financial success doesn’t measure character. If so, all those at Wall Street, banking and government would be the most outstanding people in the country. But they are not, are they? I can look at my sons and grandsons in the eyes knowing I stand with integrity and honesty for my clients. I know when it is time to meet my maker, I lived right when it counted.

    Your personal and professional attacks on me when you have never met me will only do one thing for you. Give you a lot to atone for when your life comes to pass. You will have to answer for all the bullying and attacks to harm others you don’t know. You use an avatar for your identity. You don’t give your real name. Coward. You want to attack my character and my work? Come correct! If not, then leave my name out of your mouth and your posts. A bully is a bully.

    Good luck with all that. See you in the movies, my friend.


    1. I will address your ridiculous comments in seriatim:

      You are indigent because you’re a dead beat. You’ve been foreclosed, thrown out for not paying rent your rent, and you’re a common thief; although, you’ve allegedly been a practicing paralegal for 20 years. So what did you do with the money you’ve received for ripping off homeowners.

      No court would even allow any of your nonsense in court. However, to be fair, provide the courts where your worthless audits have “been questioned in court and allowed to stand every time.”

      You don’t sell worthless chain of title audits, but they’re titled LIMITED FORENSIC ANALYSIS OF CHAIN OF TITLE REPORT (F.A.C.T. REPORT). try and keep your lies straight.

      You claim: “I also NEVER said no one has never “won” their case.” The truth is no one EVER won anything. The poor people you’ve ripped off like Linda Stabb, Alicia Kesler & RS Osburn were laughed at by the courts.

      Every scammer like you, claims the courts are corrupt.

      You and Garfield two known scammers severing your business relationship–that’s rich. Were you fighting over who the bigger scammer was?

      No one has attacked you,the facts are you’re a fraud, who’s harming feckless homeowners with false legal advice, misinformation and lies. You belong in jail!


      1. Cases that prove scammer Dube, Penzin, Faye, or whatever alias she’s using these days, is giving false legal advice and scamming homeowners:

        DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO. V. VALERIE J. SLOTKE (Wash. Ct. App. 2016) (“it is the holder of a note who is entitled to enforce it. It is not necessary for the holder to establish that it is also the owner of the note secured by the deed of trust.”); BROWN V. DEP’T OF COMMERCE, 184 Wn.2d 509, 514, 359 P .3d 771 (2015); BAIN V. METRO. MORTG. GRP., INC.. 175 Wn.2d 83, 104, 285 P.3d 34 (2012); TRUIILLOV. NW. TR. SERVS., INC., 181 Wn. App. 484, 502, 326 P.3d 768 (2014), rev’d on other grounds, 183 Wn.2d 820, 355 P.3d 1100 (2015); (“Ownership of a note is irrelevant to the power to enforce that note.”); MAYNARD V. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. (S.D.Cal., 2013) (“Plaintiffs also allege that they conducted a Securitization Audit of Plaintiffs’ chain of title and Wachovia’s PSA, and as a result, determined that Plaintiffs’ Note and DOT were not properly conveyed into the Wells Fargo Trust on or before July 29, 2004, the closing date listed in the Trust Agreement. (Id. at ¶ 34.)…To the extent Plaintiffs challenge the validity of the securitization of the Loan because Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank failed to comply with the terms of the PSA or the Trust Agreement, Plaintiffs are not investors of the Loan, nor are Plaintiffs parties to the PSA or Trust Agreement. Therefore, as many courts have already held, Plaintiffs lack standing to challenge the validity of the securitization of the Loan…Furthermore, although Plaintiffs contend they have standing to challenge the validity of the Assignment because they were parties to the DOT with the original lender (Wells Fargo), this argument also fails. (Doc.No. 49 at 11-12.); JENKINS V. JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., 216 Cal. App. 4th 497, 511-13, 156 Cal. Rptr. 3d 912 (Cal. Ct. App. 2013) (“[E]ven if any subsequent transfers of the promissory note were invalid, [the borrower] is not the victim of such invalid transfers because her obligations under the note remained unchanged.”). As stated above, these exact arguments have been dismissed by countless other courts in this circuit. Accordingly, Plaintiffs’ contentions that the Assignment is void due to a failure in the securitization process fails.”); IN RE WEISBAND, 427 B.R. 13, 22 (Bankr. D. Ariz. 2010) (“Arizona’s deed of trust statute does not require a beneficiary of a deed of trust to produce the underlying note (or its chain of assignment) in order to conduct a Trustee’s Sale.”); JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A. V. MURRAY, 63 A.3d 1258, 1267 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2013) (“If a party establishes that it holds an original note that is indorsed in blank, ‘under the UCC it will be entitled to enforce the Note . . . , even if there remain questions as to the chain of possession of the Note from the time of its making to its arrival in Appellee’s figurative hands.” ).

        I could provide dozens more, and to her frivolous claims regarding America’s Wholesale lender:

        BANK OF AM., N.A. V. NASH (Fla. App., 2016) (“there is no evidence to suggest that Countrywide failed to register AWL as a fictitious name, but, even so, such a failure to register “does not impair the validity of any contract, deed, mortgage, security interest, lien, or act of such business and does not prevent such business from defending any action, suit, or proceeding in any court of this state.”); SVETLANA TYSHKEVICH v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., (United States District Court, E.D. California. 2016) (“Plaintiff thus rests her entire case upon her allegation that the “true” lender and therefore the other party to the loan was never identified… Under the first, and most likely interpretation of the Complaint, plaintiff is alleging that “America’s Wholesale Lender” is a fictitious name. However, there is nothing in California law that prohibits an entity from doing business under a fictitious business name, or a “dba.” To the contrary, California law specifically provides for this practice. See Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17900-30 (“Fictitious Business Names”)…plaintiff pressed the possibility that AWL was actually non-existent, rather than simply a fictional name, by asserting that the Deeds of Trust identify AWL as a New York corporation. This argument misreads the Deeds of Trust. They do not state that “AWL” is a corporation. Rather, they state that the “Lender” is a corporation organized under the laws of New York. While the wording could be clearer, this plain meaning of this is that the “Lender” which plaintiff implicitly acknowledges is Countrywide (dba AWL) is a New York Corporation. It does not assert that AWL — the fictitious name itself is a New York Corporation).

        There’s dozens more that hold basically the same thing! This is just more evidence this scammers factually and legally incorrect misinformation and lies is harming anyone that would get suckered into hiring her.


      2. My dear Norman Bradford of Virginia. You are not an attorney therefore your analysis of any laws or case law is an unlawful practice of law. I could report you to the Virginia Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association for the unlawful practice of law. How about we start there?

        My report does not provide case law or statutory law because that is a job of either the pro se litigant or their attorney. For which I provide many with my paralegal based report.

        As far as spouting case law on cases you are not qualified to analyze unless you know the exact facts of my clients’ cases versus the cases you have cited you are the problem with the system. You are an armchair legal professional wanna be.

        Since you are so well versed in the legal profession, which you have never provided a CV or resume’, then you know not even attorneys can not ethically guarantee what a judge will or will not do in a particular case. I am also sure that if you had any formal legal education you are aware that case law is a living breathing law. You would also so that anytime a good attorney goes into court having all the cases he/she has cited shepardized the morning of the court proceeding to assure that case was still proper authority. Do you or anyone who is reading this know what shepardizing a case is? I do because I have a formal legal education. I also have this skill under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

        Let me explain why YOU and so many of your alter ego personalities are the biggest problem in this world. You THINK you know something and you bully people who YOU deem unworthy. You have zero practical legal experience. You have ZERO legal education.

        You come on and spout something you probably cut an pasted to appear like you know what the hell you are talking about. Fine. Knock yourself out. But you, my dear twisted man, are committing a crime! You are interpreting the law and giving legal advice not only to your readers but my potential clients. YOU are the problem by misguiding traumatized victims of this most horrendous financial crime.

        Oh, and yes, the name of my report has changed since Alicia Kesler’s report. That is called growth and learning in my field my angry little twerp. That is what us grown-up professionals do.

        Oh and please stop with the MSM attempt to discredit me with your poor headline musings. My name is Paris Faye Dube’. I don’t use my last name on social media. Why? Because I can make that choice. My married name was Paris Faye Penzin for nearly 27 years. Oh and I like how you enticed my ex-abuser to try and discredit my name by sending your ridiculous little article. By the way, he was Baker Acted not long ago. My personal life is just that personal. Don’t forget, I have all the personal dirt on you as well.

        My question is this. This is a BIG world and the foreclosure field is FULL of real frauds (attorneys, judges, brokers, servicers, MERS, Wall Street clowns and bank flunkies) yet you insist on coming after me. Not so much my work but attacking me personally. Why? Oh, could it be that my work threatens whoever is paying you to attack me? Or you wish you could have come up with work that I do. Oh, you can’t because you don’t have the paralegal experience I have or the legal education.

        Attorneys hire me, homeowners hire me, other experts in the field refer to me regarding fraudulent documents so why are you the only one out here attacking me? There are millions of homeowners out there for all of us trying to make a real difference. I never say anything about your work or its effectiveness. Why? Because you NEVER let anyone see it unless they pay, what about $5000? Then there is this issue that you are not really a threat to me or my work. You are bully. You have no legal background. You can’t even use your real name Norman. I wonder if your wife and daughter know what you do by verbally abusing a woman? I don’t lie. You just have poor critical thinking skills.

        I suspect Alicia’s case is pissing off the banks and others and you have been sent out to try and shut me down. Boy, are you going to be in for a REALLY big surprise come August 5th, I am just saying.

        I have screenshot this entire thread and will be contacting Virginia Bar Association and the American Bar Association to investigate you for practicing law without a license.

        I hope you have a wonderful day! Maybe you should stop wasting your time worrying about little ol me and start posting your qualifications for whatever it is you say you do.

        To those reading this post, again you are more than welcome to contact me for any questions you may have.


  3. Whomever posted this is invited to come to me directly and ask whatever you want to ask about my work. Please provide proof that I am a scammer and a fraud. I will be waiting. Also, if you continue to post defamatory statements that are unfounded and untrue, I promise you I will seek legal actions against you.

    For anyone who reads this is also welcome to contact me at for any questions you may have about my work.


    1. You’re a self-proclaimed indigent, you readily admit no one has ever won their case using your useless chain of title audits, and you’re a known thief. In essence, you’re just a criminal; you belong in prison for scamming homeowners.


      1. It turns out even scammer Neil Garfield got rid of her, which is really sad when one scammer gets rid of another lowlife.


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