We’ve Identified Scammers & Legal Illiterates Lying & Trying to Mislead Homeowners

Andrew Lehman, Leo Blas, Guy Neighbors, Vince Kahn aka Vince Tran, Joseph Esquivel, Ronald O’Donnell, Doug Bogg, Dave McCrae, Steve Wagner, Rennee Powers, Ronald Gillis, Paris Faye, aka Paris Dube, aka Paris Penzin, or whatever alias she’s using these days.

If anyone is telling you to argue, “securitization,” “standing,” “MERS,” “produce the note,” “split the note,” “assignment,” “robo-signing,” “didn’t get into the trust in time,” the bank never lent you money,” “you have millions of dollars in a treasury acct,” “accepted for value,” “If you sent in a rescission notice and the bank didn’t acknowledge it with 20 days, you’ll get your home free & clear,” or they’re selling securitization/chain of title/ forensic audits they’re scamming you, and you WILL end up losing your home!

Mortgage Fraud Examiners provides verifiable proof none of those arguments will save your home. Notwithstanding, the arguments, “assignment and/or “standing” COULD “stall” your foreclosure, but if that’s all you have, you WILL lose your home eventually, after paying the bank’s legal fees.

Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. If all foreclosure victims would just spread the word on these “charlatans,” you’d be doing each other a great service.


2 thoughts on “We’ve Identified Scammers & Legal Illiterates Lying & Trying to Mislead Homeowners”

  1. Yes. Those are all arguments which get no one anywhere in a Court of law. In California, there remains some slight theoretical hope of a Glaski / Yvanova case being able to succeed, but to date none of them have. Unless one has a very unique fact pattern (e.g. Sciaratta decision or others) it is not a plausible case IMHO.

    And yes, without saying which ones, the individuals on that list who you name (at least the ones I know) are scammers!


    1. David, good to know there are others knowledgeable in foreclosure law, and those scamming homeowners.


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