Heroes & Heels

Holder photo
Heel:  But judge, they securitized the loan!
Alan photo
Hero:  That appraiser lied about the value of the house!

This page encourages you to name lawyers and other practitioners, whether Heroes or Heels, as a lesson to others.

Lawyers and other practitioners belong in one of two classes:

  1. Heroes – they make borrowers into the VICTOR
  2. Heels – they make borrowers into the VANQUISHED
Justice photo
Judge:  How does securitization hurt the borrower?  The appraiser committed fraud and the lender underwrote it!

Heroes challenge the validity of the loan because they know that the borrower who breached a valid note ought to renegotiate the deal or lose the collateral.

Heels challenge the foreclosure and never challenge the validity of the loan in any substantial way, or do so only half-heartedly.

Heroes examine the loan for causes of action and attack the injurious parties, ultimately winning compensation or set-offs or punitive damages for the client.

Heels charge their clients a retainer and monthly fee of $300 to $1200 for using cookie cutter pleadings to delay the foreclosure and then con the borrower into a loan mod or short sale, or don’t bother to show up for the summary judgment hearing.

Heroes WIN MONEY or other valuables for their clients.

Heels LOSE for their clients (or set them up to lose).

Many troubled mortgagors pick Heels to help them because they reason that they cannot afford the Hero. In that case, since they will lose the house anyway, they might fare better if they give up the house a deed-in-lieu deal or short sale and minimize damage to their credit rating.  They don’t need an attorney to do that.

Some lawyers and other practitioners mean well, but lack the competence or resources to do what they should or what you hired them to do.  They never should have taken your case, but they did.  They owed you but didn’t deliver.  In my opinion, a practitioner who does not fall into the Hero class automatically descends into the Heel class.  No excuses.  No apologies.  No tears.  It is what it is.

So, if you picked a HEEL for a practitioner, you can use this page to tell others so they don’t make the same mistake you did.  If you picked a HERO for a practitioner, you can broadcast it here so others can seek them out to benefit from the same good service that benefited you.

You can leave your comments below identifying your Hero or Heel practitioner and explaining what you hired him for and why you put him into that class.  Or you can use the form below.  Here’s what a reader would like to see:

Jim Bordas photo
Jim Bordas, HERO Attorney

Practitioner:  Jim Bordas and Jason Causey

Website with contact info: http://www.bordaslaw.com/

What happened:  Lourie Jefferson (later, Brown) got badly cheated by the appraiser and Quicken Loans.  She went to Bordas for help.  His firm won over $4 million for her family.  He kept 40% because he took the case on contingency.

Case Cite:  Brown v Quicken Loans, West Virginia

Documents link:  http://mortgageattack.com/2014/07/10/brown-v-quicken-loans-shows-how-to-punish-abusive-mortgagees/


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